DIY- Tear Off Calendar

Our friends Ashley and Brittany made this amahzing tear-off calendar. It is so beautiful and was made with such care, we just had to show it off! I love that its mounted on reclaimed barn wood, and some of the pages are even hand painted! What a beautiful work of art, thanks ladies!


feeling soft and lovely

dusty miller and rananculus, yes please.


Country Rustic Wedding

We were thrilled to participate in this photo shoot for Capital Style Bride. I love a rustic country wedding, inspired by the outdoors and country charm. Go here to see more, and find out more about all the other amazing vendors who helped pull this photo shoot together. 
You can also visit here, and here to see different wedding concepts included in the issue.


Instagram Christmas

Kate Spade galore, Christmas cookies, a holiday manicure, delicious hot cocoa, beautiful blooming amaryllis, early Christmas Morning, late Christmas eve... we hope you had a Christmas full of wonder and magic, family and friends and all of the good things that make this time of year so special. We look forward to another year of blessings and wish the same for you and yours in 2012!


wintry flora

As always, we had a blast at our centerpiece event! Thanks to everyone who came out, you all made beautiful works of art. This is the arrangement Mary made... I love the dusty miller! So wintry and elegant.


Rose Bredl Gifts: Terrariums

Terrariums make amazing gifts, and we're happy to now carry our own version at Rose Bredl. This is the one Mary made me, a begonia made perfect with spongy moss, and lava rocks in a le parfait mason jar. I added the starry string lights for a extra touch of holiday magic.


Monday Funday

Ban.do. Kate Spade. Castle&Things.
What with the last week before Christmas and all the millions of things that still need done, I thought we could all use a little fun! So take a minute to do the Cha Cha Cha, and offer that hardworking retail employee a coffee or a pat on the back, and remember to keep the true spirit of the season.


We invite you:


Feel free to stop by any time that day and we will help you make something beautiful for your holiday table, we hope to see you all there!


Cocoa Cozy

We love this cute last minute gift idea: delicious hot cocoa (we found this decadent variety and many other drinkable goodies at Bink Davies) and mini marshmallows tucked into a beautiful Eigan Arts mug and saucer from Rose Bredl... so easy and so cute!


Friends of Rose Bredl

This is Betsy, and we love Betsy! She has impeccable taste and effortless style, so when she pops in the store we are more than flattered. She stopped in tonight to pick up a fresh magnolia wreath for her fabulous new home, and was kind enough to answer a few questions... and she brought cookies!

tell us your favorite Christmas...
song: Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, and O Little Town of Bethlehem -its hard to pick just one!
treat: my husband's grandmother's homemade italian cookies
kind of tree: Frasier Pine
gift to give from Rose Bredl: a campo de fiori pot (and Betsy bought all LOCAL Christmas gifts this year, very cool!)

Thanks Bets! (and doesn't she look cute?)


Happy Santa

A little Christmas magic for you all, from my home to yours


Holiday Party wear/carry

J.Crew really has the greatest seasonal looks on their website right now- I love the tartan plaids mixed with sequins and glitter- preppy dressed up, pared down looks are in abundance so head here for more ideas.
  Also, whether it be the holiday office party or a casual Christmas dinner out with friends, we love love love "green" gifts. Blooming amaryllis, boxwood wreaths, and euonymus topiaries are gifts that will last throughout the holiday season and beyond. And, even if they do get shoved in the corner.... they'll thrive there.


comfort and joy

I just felt like sharing this display because its full of the elements that make December such a magical time. You know, the feeling of being snuggled inside while the outside it cold and still. It calls to mind all of the cozy and good things about the indoors with candles and soft spun yarn, and huge sugar pine cones and rose hips are testament to the beauty of winter flora.

Now we just need some snow...


Deck the Mantle


Here's a version of our "mantle" at Rose Bredl- full of fun natural elements that you could pick and choose for your own mantle at home- I love the hurricane lantern and huge sugar cones best.
You should peek over here to Schue Love, too, her mantle is adorable!


A very girly gift guide


Of course when making gift guides you can't forget all of the fabulous women and girls in your life- so here's our roundup inspired by the women we know and love. We're surrounded by girls who are smart, creative, talented and beautiful on the inside and out (we're very lucky)Prepster or Hipster (or Pripster- the preppy hipster) or just plain sisters... there is something for everyone here!

1. Pom Pom pins 2. Barr. Co Bubble Elixir* 3. Valise Journal 4. Diamond Magnets 5. Simpatico Hobnail Candle* 6. Elderflower Spritzer 7. Home Love design book 8. Candy Stripe sweater The * means you can get it at Rose Bredl


A very manly Christmas


Here's a little gift guide inspired by the hockey, cooking, camping, architecture, whiskey, rugged good style and fine art (they're really great guys, what can we say?) loving men in our lives (brothers included) and the things they really want/need this Christmas:

1.Night Smoke Soap 2.  Stanley Flask 3. Enamel Camping Cups      4. Waterproofing Wax  5. Tartan Shirt 6.  Red Wing Stonewear Crock 7.  Patrick McColgan photography print


just a little note


PS- I made this here, something to do on a sick day...


Get (Holiday) Hoppin'

Grab a hot chocolate (or cider, or toddy...) and come visit Rose Bredl tomorrow night at Holiday Hop!

PS- doesn't this hot chocolate look delicious? I've been sick the past few weeks and my husband and sister have been so great about bringing me the perfect comfort- endless hot chocolate.


DIY RB ornaments

These ornaments are super easy to make and so cute hanging from fresh greenery anywhere in the home

to make you need:
fillable glass ornaments (available at your local craft store)
fake snow
wee little bits o' nature: we used tiny baby pinecones and leftover greenery, but dried berries, branches, acorns etc etc. will do, too.

Once you have everything you want to fill your ornaments, just start filling them and play around until you find the combination you like best!