Summer School- Flower style

Be prepared: this is a big post. We had such an amazing time at our floral workshop, a big thank you to everyone who participated. The creative juices were flowing and we were so impressed with what our students produced!


Also a huge thank you to Emily B. who took all of the photos. We cannot express how impressed we are with her gorgeous photography.


Weddings and Parties and Poufs- Oh my!

We're having a big day of prep at Rose Bredl for a few different occasions... the store is brimming with beauty. This is the happiest work.


A little something sweet

The sweet tooth is taking over! I wanted cherry pie for lunch today. Having opted for something savory though (Commonwealth Sandwich Bar), the need for a little sugar kept nagging. Thank goodness for Pistacia Vera, a short drive from Rose Bredl. I absolutely love the pistachio nougat... and macarons... and iced coffee. Don't worry, this wasn't all for me (and I still might get that cherry pie).


Summer DIY- Glittered Hurricanes + Votives

Perfect for an outdoor summer party or wedding- these glittered hurricanes were super easy to make and the effect is magical (summer magical, you might say.)
Be warned though, once you start putting glitter on things, it's hard to stop.
All you need-
*glitter (Martha Stewart's glitter is amazing)
*craft glue
*sponge paintbrushes
*tea lights
*the DIY spirit


Haute Summer wear/carry

If you're like me, you're melting. If you must wear something other than a bathing suit and sunscreen- might as well be as cute as you can be in an adorable sundress (every woman looks better in a sundress, according to Atmosphere). Cool off with delicious fruity popsicles. I go for Fruitique, made in Columbus (they carry them at Whole Foods, in case you are wondering) or make my own in my Zoku.


Too hot to post

Iced coffee...

Ok- I did do SOMETHING productive. I updated our blogroll page today (and still am adding some). I've discovered so many new great, inspiring blogs in the past few months and I felt it was time to share em'!


Vintage Matchbook

I've always loved the different ways people display their collections (and the crazy things people collect!) We've found endless inspiration from the pages of Kate Spade's old day planner (picture above left) but this is one of my favorites- a framed board of vintage matchbooks. As it so happens, Mary has THOUSANDS of vintage matchbooks, and here are a few of them up in the shop, all Kate Spaded out. I like the "hogs and kisses" matchbook best of all.


Homemade ButterBeer!

Sorry for a late post today, it was a busy (and HOT) day here in Ohio. I thought I would share the butterbeer recipe we came up with this weekend on our own- the great thing is our recipe is entirely gluten-free!

There are no measurements, just do everything to your taste.

slow churned vanilla ice cream
butterscotch topping (we used Smuckers)
McCormick imitation vanilla butter and nut flavor

Then Add:
cream soda (we used Virgil's)
a splash of Spiced Rum (unless of course, you are making this for children)

top with whip cream and enjoy!


Sneak Peek: Flower Class

We had an amazing time last night with everyone who came to our summer flower class. Everyone left with such beautiful arrangements! Here is a sneak preview- taken on our dear Emily B's iphone.


good favors

We've been getting ready for one of our bride's showers this week and the goods are just too fun not to share!
1. her wedding invitation- the packaging alone was to die for!
2. my own calligraphy on tiny ivory paper flags for the favors
3. Mary's careful handiwork- and the finished product! Ferns for all of the wedding shower guests.


50's Pink

Sorry for the delay in post- today is my last day of staycation and I've been trying to soak it up as much as I can. The shop is brimming with gorgeous flowers for our class tomorrow night, and I couldn't resist bringing home a few for myself this afternoon when I left Rose Bredl. They have a sort of 50's glamour thing going framed by my "for like ever" poster, don't you think?


Floral School Wear/Carry

Wear this adorable pleated pattern skirt from Lands End Canvas (easy to work in but still oh so cute!) Carry home the fabulous floral arrangement you make at our floral workshop this thursday night- you'll have everyone staring (in the good way) on high street. There are only a few spots left for this class, so be sure to hurry and sign up!



My friend Deepa posted these this morning and they are TOO gorgeous not to share... fittingly they come from Berkeley Ca, Florist- Gorgeous & Green.
valentina ramos
and then there are these, by Valentina Ramos. I'm thinking of getting one of her prints for a friend of mine who has a birthday in August... thoughts?


Playlist: Summer Drive

Source: apartment34.blogspot.com

We haven't given a list of tunes out since Christmas, but summer drives are one of the great pleasure in life, no? So here are a few of our favies for the road this summer.

Ain't No Stopping Us Now - McFadden and Whitehead
Boys of Summer - Don Henley
Itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini - Brian Hyland
Sailing - Christopher Cross
Ventura highway - America.

Time of the Season- Zombies
Pacific Theme- Broken Social Scene
Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa- Vampire Weekend
Chicago-Sufjan Stephens
Holocene-Bon Iver

( I'm also a fan of the Gidget Goes Hawaiian theme song, just sayin')



Sometimes simple things in life turn out so unexpectedly beautiful- like setting the days flowers out on the ledge to be re-arranged. The white flowers and green glass made me think of this painting by Atlanta artist Michelle Armas... a connection that just popped in my head. Maybe because the painting looks like a cool, shallow lake and our day was so hot. Maybe because Mary just got back from Atlanta... life/art.

slashie award.


Creative Spaces: Cinnamon Ruffles

My friend Charice of Cinnamon Ruffles is one of the most creative people I know. Everything she touches becomes interesting and beautiful. Her "creative space" is a collage of things that inspire her. :)

1. art books (stacks of books, collages and great drawings)
2. music ( green trunk with random cds - i like some of the quirky offerings from perceval press)
3. vinyl - America's album is one of my favorites
4. catalogs - Free People is one that uses collages and animals in their photos that i started saving a few years ago. and of course Anthropologie
5. This "Royall Bay Rhum" bottle my friend Katie recently sent me. Found in an antique store, it has a small silver cap in the shape of a crown.

Here is a tiny example of the beautiful things Charice can make- a birthday card she crafted for a mutual friend of ours. Isn't it amazing??


What we're celebrating!

Rose Bredl wishes you a Happy Independence Day- from sea to shining sea!


Red, White and Boom!

1. A lightweight but cozy sweatshirt- even when it's hot, the evening is chilly. This is especially true if you are watching the show down by the river. I like this navy one from J.Crew.
2. A sturdy blanket large enough for you and friends (or one special friend) like this utility canvas throw (still on promotion at Rose Bredl)
Add some fun:
1. A delicious berry spritzer, the recipe is from Martha Stewart
2. Snacks. Be patriotic to your country and your state (ohio cheese and summer sausage,anyone?)! Find your own state here.
Head out early to find a good spot and enjoy Red, White and Boom!