Pothole remedy?

If only all those pesky Columbus potholes had a beautiful spring garden within :) via ohjoy!


the 3/50 project

this has been floating around blogs/facebook/etc for a while, but it really is a great idea and a great way to show your support of local, homegrown businesses (like Rose!) read more about it, here .


International Pride...

I know this is off topic for our blog, but how great are the winter olympics? I especially love the mascots for these Vancouver Olympics How cute are they? Go here to read more about them- and hey, if it can't be spring, why not enjoy a little skiing, curling, mogul etc. watching?


Jeni's Rx

There is more than love in the air around February 14th... and the remedy is Jeni's Influenza Sorbet. A delightful combination of cayenne pepper, citrus fruits and honey- this concoction is strangely exactly what I want to reach for when feeling sick. We love Jeni's at Rose because she's just down the block, which makes Influenza Sorbet a cold remedy within reach!


be mine

valentine's day is just around the corner - don't forget yours!!

fresh flowers, blooming branches and plants, orchids - place your order early!!