Nantaka Joy..

Nantaka Joy has just come out with an amazing new mix and match office set for chronicle books...I want it!


House Beautiful

A store favorite, Frances Palmer is featured in the September 09' issue of House Beautiful Magazine! Of course Tory Burch, with her effortlessly cool style, is a fan of Frances Palmer's gorgeous Pearl Collection dishes. You can find the very same dishes Tory Burch sets her table with here at Rose Bredl (and ask us about how you can set up a register for them in the store!)
Not the best photo, but this amazing map must be mine!


Happy Birthday Deepa!

In honor of Deepa's Birthday, which begins in 15 minutes our time (3 hours and 15 minutes her time) I'm posting some lovely mushroom items. Above- print from Etsy artist Elsita. Below- whimsical felted mushrooms from Twine.
Stay tuned for postings on the goodies Mary and Ruth find at the gift show!


home and garden ornament tiles

country living september features our home and garden tiles.  Turn to page 96 to see how amazing they look in the kitchen.   exclusively at  Rose Bredl! 


sunny saturday

congratulations Molly and Artie. sunflowers are a great summer flower, it was gorgeous!

just a little background on this wedding. molly is the daughter of diane jones a very special friend to me, ruth and rose bredl. diane we love you!!


Lyndie Dourthe...

How amazing, special and beautiful are these? Lyndie Dourthe makes a plethora of lovely and desirable objets d'art, feast your eyes.

thanks Oh joy! and Oh Happy Day!