katie and damien

A perfect spring day and a beautiful wedding held at the Smith Bros. warehouse downtown. Congratulations, you both looked terrific!


Desire this.

With the gorgeous weather we've been having, I felt the need to search my favorite foodie blogs for a good summer-y recipe and voila! Flagrante Delicia came through with a recipe for meringues with strawberry ice cream. The recipe provides directions for strawberry sorbet, but you could also just buy some delicious strawberry rose petal ice cream from Jenis, too. Enjoy!
Wouldn't these be the cutest treats at a summer wedding, too!?


Ahhh, weddings!

Our first wedding of the season is coming up THIS saturday- so exciting! I felt inspired to post random (albeit lovely) weddingy delights...
designsponge, jcrew, jcrew.


Tiny Green Heaven

This tiny green heaven was recently featured on Design Sponge in an article on Barbara Rourke's California home. I absolutely am dying for one- it would be the perfect container to bring to Rose's upcoming succulent event. Oh so gorgeous... they can be found here.

Garden Love...

Sooo, I admit it. This weekend I saw "17 again," and even more shockingly, I loved it. But what I REALLY loved was the absolutely stunning California garden (complete with potted succulents, twinkle lights, and pond) featured in the film. The picture doesn't really do it justice, but I thought I would share it anyway.


American Furnishings...

One of the coolest things about Rose is the collection of pieces by American Furnishings on display. This Columbus, Ohio based store features pieces that are recycled, reused, industrial,and just plain incredible. ( My favorite pieces are those that are "found") Check out what we have at Rose, or visit them here


Nous aimons, Cartolina!

Here is a fun sample of the new paper goods we are carrying at Rose- Cartolina. Bright, fun, gorgeous!


blundstone boots

the original australian boot!  blundstone boots are no-nonsense, go-anywhere, do-anything  legends.  after years of walking, hiking, working and playing in the comfort of a pair of blundstone boots, you're not wearing them out. You're just wearing them in.  available at rose bredl. 


Need a little extra height in the garden? Gardeners recommend stacking pots on top of each other like so! We actually have this exact little set up in the store, so very cute!


Burlap Beauty!

Yay for Tom's shoes, purchased today at the lovely TigerTree store up the street from Rose! They have a great selection of Toms, not to mention a lot of other really adorable things. Check em out!