OMG! Thank you Charice at CinnamonRuffles for sharing this amazing site on your blog! Kindred has lots of free artwork to display on your computer, including some by my favorite illustrators. Love!

fresh herbs

Oh the sweet smell of herbs! The store is well stocked with delicious smelling herbs from our local grower, Millcreek Garden!


Slices of Urban Paradise

With the right tools, even a tiny urban backyard can become a veritable Eden. These photos from the sadly deceased Domino are proof, and my only hope that my apartment's tiny backyard could ever be something enjoyable. Perhaps with the help of some extra large campo de fiori...

For those without a green thumb...

A self-watering flower pot from Feel More Human (who by the way, also carries some other amazing merchandise- check out their lighting!)



These are a little sample of the invitations I did for friends Claus and Christa, who are getting married this October!



spring ephemera

I am sick and not really feeling to bloggy, but I just had to post these photos by Chelsea Fuss, so incredible... my heart is longing for spring! Thanks Oh Joy!


Countdown to spring!

Spring is in the air... The shop is filled with gorgeous cut flowers right now and all smells fresh and new!


keep calm and garden on

Nick, thank you for stopping in today. I love the poster - keep calm and garden on! McCullough's is an amazing landscape and nursery in New Albany, OH. Lucky for Rose, he just might help us with our container gardening this year!! Check out their website: www.mccland.com. and yes, spring is on it's way, only 16 more days!